Our mision

Alexandros Siasos

The idea of the ξ /ksi/ cycling project started to form back in 2015 when I got my first street trials bike and I realized that many of the commercially available bike tools were not up to my mechanical engineering standards!

I’m a freelancer mechanical engineer and I manage the design and manufacturing of new products and tools. So, I am constantly surrounded by high end machine tools and measuring equipment. When I dived into the maintenance of my bike I realized that some of the tools and the parts on my bike could be designed better and manufactured up to higher standards.

So I made some bike tools and parts for myself and I thought that it would be great if I was to share this effort and experimentation with all riders that had faced the same issues! This led me to the rebooting of my YouTube channel and finally to this website that is to host the successful results of the experimentation I do for me all the time!

Finally if you want to follow me on my experimentations and also my riding progress make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out the news on the blog of this website!

(learn more about the creator of the ξ /ksi/ cycling project here)