Slave Cylinders

The ξ /ksi/ cycling slave cylinders are the first customizable and repairable slave cylinders designed specifically with bike trial in mind!

They were developed form the ground up aiming to allow the riders to choose between 8 different versions and decide which one better fits their riding while fine tuning the braking response and the weight of the slave cylinders.

VersionTi/SS PartsPistonSpringWeight
Ti-PET-NGrade 5 – TiPET-PNormal78.3gr
Ti-PET-HGrade 5 – TiPET-PHard79.0gr
Ti-Alu-NGrade 5 – Ti7075-T6Normal84.7gr
Ti-Alu-HGrade 5 – Ti7075-T6Hard85.3gr
SS-PET-N316 SSPET-PNormal85.9gr
SS-PET-H316 SSPET-PHard86.5gr
SS-Alu-N316 SS7075-T6Normal91.2gr
SS-Alu-H316 SS7075-T6Hard91.8gr
*actual weight may vary ±1gr given the typical accuracy of our scales

Also, they are fully repairable which means that you can take them apart, clean them and regrease them so as to make them feel and response as good as new!

The ξ /ksi/ cycling slave cylinders are being supported by the introduction of a special tool and a bleeding kit as well as a comprehensive manual that gives you the appropriate know-how in order to make sure that you’ll always be able to make your slave cylinders perform as perfectly as possible!

You can buy these slave cylinders at our official store by following this link.

Check out the following YouTube videos in which we first introduced the ξ /ksi/ cycling slave cylinders and discussed about their anatomy, their maintenance and their special characteristics!