Liquid rosin solution

Liquid rosin can be used to coat the braking surface of the rims and thus increase the braking power of rim brakes. This innovative product comes to complete the ξ /ksi/ cycling approach to the best braking performance you could ever have, along with the ξ /ksi/ cycling brake pads, and the solid rosin block!

You can apply it on your rims an hour or so before training so as to fully evaporate before you ride, and it will fill the grinding marks on your rims making your braking as instantaneous as possible! Note that you can always use the standard rim brakes rosin blocks to instantly increase your braking performance while riding, but you should avoid using the liquid resin solution just before or during a riding session as it will make your brake pads stick to the rim.

You can get the ξ /ksi/ cycling liquid rosin set at our official store by following this link. Each set includes a marker and a set of 5 rosin candies which can be also sold separately as refills for the rosin marker.

Check out the following YouTube video in which we first introduced the ξ /ksi/ cycling liquid rosin solution.