Rim brake pads

The ξ /ksi/ cycling brake pads were developed form the ground up both considering their compound and their backings.

The backings are precision CNC machined out of 7075-T651 aluminum alloy and due to the exceptional strength of the backing’s material, they were machined to be as light as possible while maintaining their structural integrity. Also, they are designed to minimize the probability of rattling when they are not engaging by maintaining close tolerances during their production in combination with the use of an o-ring where the pads meet the pistons of the slave cylinders.

The pads are refillable and their compound was developed from scratch and it’s highly recommended to be used with ground rims. Moreover, these brake pads are compatible with the use of the ξ /ksi/ cycling rosin products. Actually, we strongly advise you to combine these pads with any of the ξ /ksi/ cycling rosin products for the best possible results!

You can buy these brake pads at our official store by following this link.

Check out the following YouTube video in which we first introduced the ξ /ksi/ cycling rim brake pads and discussed on the overall product development journey.