Rim rosin blocks

Rosin can be used to instantly increase the braking power of rim brakes. You can apply it by gently rubbing it to the braking surfaces of the rim. The rosin coating optimize the friction characteristics between the brake pads and the rim. You can fine tune the braking performance by adjusting the number of the layers that are being applied on the sides of the rims.

ξ /ksi/ cycling rosin blocks are made out of pine rosin with the addition of natural organic beeswax (both raw materials are sourced locally in Greece). They are being manufactured using high quality materials to ensure that they won’t contaminate both the braking surfaces of the rim and the brake pads. Also, they have been developed to work perfectly with ground rims and the ξ /ksi/ cycling brake pads.

You can buy these ξ /ksi/ cycling rosin blocks at our official store by following this link.

Check out the following YouTube video in which we first introduced the ξ /ksi/ cycling rosin blocks.